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Painting and Decorating

Ellis and Co are equipped to compete a restoration from start to finish including internal and external surfaces and fine details. Our craftsmen are specialists with heritage skills training in the application of lime washes and distemper, natural and high quality pigments, gold leaf, wallpapers including handmade and historic papers.
We are asked to create a wide range of finishes to meet designs specified by clients, architects and conservation advisors. We often use natural pigments which create a warm finish in keeping with natural materials, stone and lime wash surfaces. We can prepare bespoke colour blends as required and work with high quality paints. Our decorators have experience of hanging a variety of high quality wallpapers, of removing samples of historic paper for reproduction, and of working around in-situ features to create bespoke finishes.

historic wall paper at St Giles restorationGold ceiling rosegold leafgold rose with gold leaf fragments