A New Terne Coated Stainless Steel Roof for St John's, Pewsey

The roof structure at Pewsey had suffered some timber decay and repairs were necessary. The rotten original boarding was removed and replaced with new redwood timber. Terne coated stainless steel (TCSS) was decided on for the new roof covering. To give a similar appearance of the original  lead roof, it was decided to use a roll detail instead of a standing seem,  this gives the appearance of a typical lead roof bay connection detail. The timber rolls are cut with a 45˚ angle on the end and are screwed to the roof deck in the same way they would be on a traditional lead covered roof. The TCSS roll coverings are manufactured to give watertight seal between the bays. The bays for the Pewsey project were measured on site and manufactured in our workshop in Shepton Mallet. Due to the considerable weight saving, these could be transported using a van.

Our hard metal team proceeded to lay the roof bays in accordance with the Federation of Traditional Metal Roofing guidelines(FTMR).A Metmat Underlay was used below the TCSS to help reduce rain noise; this is placed between the rolls. The flashing details around the roof were redone using lead, this often gives better weather protection due to leads versatility when overcoming awkward details. The lead gutter detail along the North parapet wall remained in place during the theft, it was found to have been in good order and was checked and repaired accordingly.

Once the roof was again watertight, the internal plaster and decoration was redone.