Truro Cathedral, Truro

Truro Cathedral, Truro

Project Overview

A programme of major roof repairs to the original roof of this Gothic Revival Cathedral.

This spired cathedral was built between 1800 and 1910 and its original slate roof had not been repaired since its construction.  Over 46 weeks Ellis and Co repaired the vaulted roofs.

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Many of the original delabole slates had become porus. We salvaged those we could and laid new Welsh slates which had been signed in a ‘sponsor-a-slate’ campaign to raise funds for the project.   We repaired timberwork, masonry and lead, iron and steel  guttering and rainwater goods.  Inadequate lead guttering and flashing was replaced and steel and iron downpipes were refurbished.

A new lightening protection system was installed.  Decorative masonry, particularly in the South Porch area had suffered weathering, so masonry, mortar repairs and pointing were also made.

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