St Johns Church Glastonbury half way point
St John’s Church in Glastonbury is closed through 2019 for a major programme of repairs. Ellis and Co, the principle contractors, have been busily working through the programme and we are coming up to the half way point. So have we been up to since we arrived on site in January? 
The subsoil has been excavated and as is typical in churches and historic buildings of this age archaeological remains were revealed during the excavation. Working alongside archaeologists from Context One and the Country Archaeologists the findings, including tombs, have been uncovered and logged and the bodies have been reinterred. The biggest surprises have been a 13th Century Font and Norman column bases underneath the later pillars.
The church is built directly on ground, without a solid laid foundation, so dampproofing and reinforcement works have been the main focus to address slippage in the stonework.
Work is proceeding on course for the church to be handed back and reopened at the end of this year. 

Read More and download the case study here.