Church Restoration in Bristol

Ellis and Co are to restore a Bristol Church that has been closed to services since WWII. St Nicholas Church in Bristol is being restored with a view to reopening as a centre for worship and social action with particular appeal to a younger congregation. Ellis and Co have been appointed as Principal Contractors for this church restoration project. Ellis' masons, roofers, joiners and plasterers are specialists in ecclesiatical repairs. The church repair project will include reroofing, repairs to the walls, reflooring, lime plastering ceilings and walls and a full Mechanical and Engineering package. The building was damaged during bombing in WWII and closed for services in the 1950s. It was saved from demolition at that time. This project sets to bring the building back to life, ultimately so that it can reopen as a church, so restoring it as a social hub and centre of worshop in the heart of the city of Bristol.